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Tonycomm Group Limited is an ISP company that provides fast and reliable wireless and fiber optics internet connection to homes, businesses, and institutions in Nakuru. Contact us today, connect to our network, and enjoy ultra-fast internet connection with low latency.


Who We Are

Tonycomm Group LTD is an ASP and NFP Licensed Internet Service Provider in Nakuru. Founded in 2018, our company provides fast, reliable, and affordable internet connectivity to residents, businesses, and institutions in Nakuru are Maili Sita, Heshima, Mti kubwa, Store, Kiti, Bismark, Whitehouse, Mawanga, Tumsifu, Kiratina, Kiamunyeki, Lanet, Makao, and Umoja I to III.

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Company Mission & Vision

Our vision is to offer the best, high-speed wireless and fiber optics internet connection to businesses in Nakuru. We currently serve clients in 16 areas with dedicated security and support. 

Tonycomm Group LTD’s vision is to become the best internet service provider in Nakuru and beyond. We’re building our internet company based on the guarantee of speed, security, and high-end performance.

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