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How to Choose an Internet Service Provider in Nakuru

Choosing an internet service provider in Nakuru isn’t as easy, as there are many variables to consider before you settle for an ISP. Many ISPs make understanding internet services incredibly confusing. They make terms such as contracts, data caps, and installation difficult to understand.

So in this post, we tell you exactly what to look for, from connection type and speed to price and more.

The best way to choose an ISP in Nakuru is to find a provider near you, determine your connection type, check internet speed offers, compare different ISP in your area, choose a provider, and select an internet plan.

1. Find an Internet Service Provider near You

The first step to get internet to your home or business is to determine which ISPs are available in your area.

  • Do a Google search for internet service providers near me.
  • Ask friends and neighbors in your locality which service providers they use and would recommend.
  • Use Google Maps on your iPhone or Android smartphone to find ISPs near where you live.

2. Determine What Type of Internet Connection You Need

You can get fiber or wireless internet connectionto your home or business from different internet companies, including Tonycomm Group LTD. Keep in mind that where you live determines which between fiber and wireless internet would be idea for you.

3. Understand Download and Upload Speeds

How much download and upload speeds you get depends on the number of devices you would like to connect to the internet.

  • Download Speeds: Download speed refers to the time it takes to download the data required to perform an activity such as streaming videos and browsing the web.
  • Upload Speeds: Upload speed refers to the time it takes to upload data from your computer to a specific server online. For example, you‘ll need enough upload speed if you send emails, upload files, and make video calls routinely.

The more devices you intend to connect to the internet, the more download and upload speeds you’ll need.

4. Compare Different ISPs in Nakuru

Look at the plans that the different internet companies near you offer. Compare them in terms of internet connection type, speeds, contracts, equipment, hidden charges, and price.

Determine if the pricing of each internet company is standard or promotional. Standard price is the constant price point you’ll pay for a service until you exit. Some companies use promotional prices to attract customers to their business but reset the monthly subscription cost to the standard price. Note that the standard price ranges between Kshs. 1,500 to Kshs. 40,000 depending on the bandwidth and ISP.

Compare the cost of equipment and installation fees by each ISP. Expect to spend between Kshs. 3,500 and Ksh. 35,000 on equipment and installation depending on the type of internet you choose and the ISP.

5. Understand Contracts and Data Caps

Find out what contract the internet provider offers. Some internet companies require you to buy and stick to a one or two-year contract while others require you to pay for your subscription on a monthly basis.

It’s also important to ask about data caps, as this determines the amount of internet a provider allows you to consume every month. Some internet companies impose data caps while others provide unlimited internet as long as you pay your subscription on time.

6. Choose a Provider and Internet Package

The last step is to choose an internet provider that you’ve found to be the most suitable for you. Additionally, choose an internet package based on the number of devices you would want to connect to the internet.

What is TCOM Group?

Tonycomm Group LTD is a leading internet company in Nakuru, Kenya. We offer the best internet packages for home and business. TCOM offers unlimited, low latency internet, no data caps, so you can stay connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’re currently available in Nakuru are Maili Sita, Heshima, Kiti, Bismark, Whitehouse, Mawanga, Tumsifu, Kiratina, Kiamunyeki, Lanet, Makao, and Umoja I to III.

You can contact us on 0110345166 to find out if our internet services are available in your area despite not showing on our coverage list.

How Much is TCOM Fiber and Wireless Internet Packages?

TCOM fiber and wireless internet packages start at 5Mbps for Kshs. 1,500 for home and Kshs. 2,000 for business. You can upgrade a package to up to 30Mbps for home and 150Mbps for business depending on the number of devices you want to have connected to the internet.

What are the Costs of TCOM Fiber and Wireless Internet Installation?

TCOM fiber internet installation costs Kshs. 3,500. The cost of wireless installation varies based on your location, which requires us to conduct a proper survey of your area and give you a quote. You can contact us on 0110345166 for more information.  

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