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How Much is Internet Per Month in Nakuru, Kenya?

You can get a good, high-speed internet deal for as low as Kshs. 1,500 per month, as long as you choose the right service provider. The Kshs. 1,500 subscription fee will cover for up to 5Mbps of data, which is ideal for up to 3 devices.

To be clear, how much you pay for internet per month in Kenya will mostly depend on your needs and the service provider you choose. To the best of our knowledge, internet prices range between Kshs. 1,500 and Kshs. 45,000 per month.

How Much Should I Be Paying for Internet per Month

How much you should be paying per month depends on the type of internet connection, your needs, and the internet company from which you buy an internet subscription.

1. Choice of Internet Provider

There are many internet companies in Kenya. Each company offers its internet services to customers at different price points. Therefore, how much you pay daily, weekly, or monthly will vary based on the service provider you choose.

2. Internet Connection

There are three types of internet connectionin Kenya: fiber internet, cable internet, and wireless internet.

  • Fiber Internet Connection: Fiber internet uses fiber optic cable to transfer data at high speed of up to 1Gbps per second. Fiber internet has low ping and latency, making it idea for customers who need high-speed internet.
  • Wireless Internet Connection: Wireless internet is a flexible option that doesn’t require the presence of physical cables to access the internet.

While you can get wireless or fiber internet connection for the same monthly subscription price, the cost of installation will vary.

For example, Tonycomm Group LTD, a leading fiber and wireless internet service provider in Nakuru, Kenya charges Kshs. 3,500 for fiber internet installation in our coverage area.

However, the cost for wireless internet installation differs based on your location. So in the case where you need wireless internet, we’ll send our technical expert to survey your area and give you an installation quote.

3. Your Needs

Besides the choice of an internet provider and the cost of installation depending on the type of internet connection, your needs determine how much you pay for the internet per month.

You can subscribe to a home or business internet package. 

  • Home Internet Package: You can pay as low as Kshs. 1,500 for a home internet packageand get up to 5Mbps of unlimited internet. You can upgrade your bandwidth to up to 30Mbps depending on your budget and the number of devices you want connected to the internet.
  •  Business Internet Package: Note that business internet packagesstart at Ksh. 2,000 per month. You can upgrade your account to up to 100Mbps for Kshs. 45,000 depending on the number of devices in your business premise.

How Can I Pay Less Money for Internet?

You can indeed pay less money for internet by searching for better offers that saves you a few thousand shillings every month. You can:

1. Choose an Affordable ISP

Look for an affordable internet service provider near you.

Tonycomm Group LTD is the leading affordable but reliable internet service provider in Nakuru, Kenya. Whether you’re on a tight budget or you just want to spend less money for internet, TCOM is the best company to work with.

2. Select an Internet Package within Your Budget

Choose an internet plan that doesn’t strain your monthly budget. You can try TCOM for as low as Kshs. 1,500 for 5Mbps. Our company doesn’t require an annual contract. We don’t have data caps and pay your subscription only on a monthly basis.

3. Buy Your Own Equipment

You can buy your own router, LiteBeam, and cables for wireless internet connection. Pay only for the installation fee and make your monthly subscription payment. You’ll spend significantly less on your monthly internet bill than you would if you rented out the equipment.

4. Downgrade Your Bandwidth

You can downgrade to a cheaper package if you want to pay less for internet. After all, how much internet speed you need depends on your needs and the number devices you wish to connect to the internet. Remember, it doesn’t make any sense to pay for bandwidth that you don’t actually use.  

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