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Tips for Improving Wi-Fi Signal Strength at Home

improve wi-fi signal strength at home

Are you an active Tonycomm Group LTD experiencing slow internet connection at home? We have put together a list of tips for improving Wi-Fi signal strength at home.

1. Power Cycle Your Router

If you are experiencing slow internet speeds while browsing at home, one simple solution you can try is power cycling your router, which involves turning your router off and on again.

If your router doesn’t have a power button, you can unplug it from the power source and plug it back in, which will have the same effect. Wait for about a minute, reconnect your device to your Wi-Fi, and test whether the internet speed has improved.

2. Upgrade Your Router

To enhance the range and performance of your Wi-Fi connection, you may need to replace your current router with a new one. You can contactTonycomm Group LTD on 0718742693 or 0110345166 for router replacement. 

3. Consider Ethernet Over Wireless Connection

The device you’ve connected to your internet may require high bandwidth and low latency, and that explains why it takes time to load. In such a case, try to link your device such as laptop desktop computer, or TV directly to your router via the Ethernet cable.

In the case where you’re experiencing slow Wi-Fi speed, it may be worthwhile to consider adjusting your router settings. There are router settings that you can modify to enhance your internet connectivity, including channel width, transmission power, and beacon interval.

Contact Tonycomm Group LTD on 0718742693 or 0110345166 for if you want your router’s settings adjusted. Our team will guide you accordingly.

4. Enable Beamforming

Enabling the beamforming settings option in your router can significantly enhance the Wi-Fi signal strength at your home.

We recommend you access your router settings and turn on the beam forming option. After that, you can browse the internet and notice the significant improvement in your network speed. You can contact our team if you need help with this.

5. Adjust the Height of Your Router

You can position your router at an elevated position if you are experiencing a slow internet connection at home. For example, placing the router on a wall mount or shelf can help improve its signal strength and coverage, which in turn can lead to a more stable and faster internet connection.

This simple step can be an effective way to optimize your home network and enjoy a smooth online experience.

6. Try Using Wi-Fi Extenders

A Wi-Fi extender, also known as a Wi-Fi booster, is a powerful gadget that can amplify the Wi-Fi signal coming from your home router and significantly extend the coverage area.

The Wi-Fi extender is an ideal solution to consider if you want to improve your internet connectivity without upgrading your existing infrastructure.

With a Wi-Fi extender, you can enjoy faster and more reliable internet connections, giving you the confidence to stream your favorite movies, play online games, and get your work done without any interruptions.

Call Tonycomm Group LTD today on 0718742693 or 0110345166 to place your order for the best Wi-Fi extender in Nakuru.

7. Disconnect Some Devices from Your Wi-Fi Network

When you have many devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network, it can lead to what we refer to as network congestion. As a result, your internet connection can become significantly slower.

To improve the signal strength, disconnect some or all of the devices from your Wi-Fi network, except for the one that you are currently using.

8. Protect Your Wi-Fi With a Strong Password

It’s important to consider the possibility that unauthorized individuals may have access to your network, causing your connections to slow down. This can be particularly noticeable if you subscribed to a 5Mbps internet package.

To mitigate this, we highly recommend you create a strong password to secure your network and maintain a fast and reliable internet connection.

9. Try to Upgrade Your Router Antenna

The market offers some of the most powerful Wi-Fi antennas that you can choose from. With a little research, you can find the perfect one that fits your budget, upgrade your current antenna and enjoy faster internet connections that will support all your online activities.

So, you can confidently go ahead and start exploring the different options available in the market.

10. Check Your Router Placement

Ensure that no objects or barriers obstruct your router as they could interfere with the Wi-Fi signals. For optimal internet distribution in your home, we recommend that you place the router in a central location, especially if you live in a big house.

11. Update Your Router’s Firmware

Logging into your router’s dashboard periodically is crucial to maintaining a fast and secure internet connection. It not only allows you to update your password but also to check for any available firmware updates.

In our experience with some customers, an outdated firmware can be the reason behind a slow internet connection. So, the next time you notice that your internet is slow, log into your router’s dashboard, search for the latest firmware update, install the update, and restart your Wi-Fi network.

You should see a significant improvement in your Wi-Fi signals thereafter.

12. Opt for 5GHz Bands

To ensure a reliable and seamless internet connection at home, try to optimize your Wi-Fi signals by utilizing less congested 5GHz bands. It is worth noting that not all routers have this setting, but if yours does, it is highly recommended to try it and enjoy the benefits of a stable internet connection.

Our Closing Thoughts

We understand how frustrating it can be to experience slow internet connection. Fortunately, you can take steps to improve your Wi-Fi signals and enjoy seamless browsing, video gaming, and streaming at home.

We’re confident that by following the tips we’ve shared in this post, you can improve your Wi-Fi signals and get the most out of your subscription.

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