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Choosing the Right Internet Plan for Your Needs

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Tonycomm Group Ltd (TCOM) offers a variety of internet packages at affordable prices. Whether you need a home or business plan, our company has the most suitable plan tailored to your needs.

Let’s discuss each of these internet plans in detail, with the focus specifically being on the speed and approximate cost. We also share tips to choose the right package for your home or business, so you can make an informed purchase decision.  

Tonycomm Group LTD Internet Packages

Tonycomm Group LTD offers home and business fiber internet packages.

Home Fiber Internet Packages

Do you want to bring fiber internet to your home and stay connected 24/7?  Get one of the following home fiber packages:

Free InstallationFree InstallationFree InstallationFree Installation
24/7 Support24/7 Support24/7 Support24/7 Support
Ksh. 1,500/MonthKsh. 2,000/MonthKsh. 2,400/MonthKsh. 3,000/Month

Business Fiber Internet Packages

Do you want to bring fiber internet to your business and stay connected 24/7?  Get one of the following business fiber packages:

Free InstallationFree InstallationFree InstallationFree Installation
24/7 Support24/7 Support24/7 Support24/7 Support
Ksh. 1,800/MonthKsh. 2,400/MonthKsh. 2,700/MonthKsh. 3,300/Month

How to Choose the Right Internet Plan for Your Needs

The following are the steps to choose an internet plan for your home or business:

1. Choose Tonycomm Group LTD

If you ask your friends and family about ISP selection, they’ll tell you to do a thorough ISP hunt and research all the internet service providers in your area before trusting any agency with your wallet. You’ll want to identify a company that offers reliable plans at manageable prices.

Fortunately, Tonycomm Group LTD is a company you can trust. Our company has the best packages offered at competitive prices.

2. Read Our Reviews or Customer Testimonials

It helps to know how reliable we’re as an internet service provider near you. So read our reviews and testimonials to learn what customers say about us.

We have received many positive reviews from customers who use our various internet packages, which give us confidence in our ability to provide reliable and high-quality internet services.

3. Choose the Right Type of Internet Connection

There are factors to consider when it comes to choosing an internet connection for your home or business. The type of internet connection you choose will depend on your budget, location, and the internet speeds you require.

Tonycomm Group LTD offers different types of internet connections, including cable, fiber, and wireless. Out of the three options, fiber internet offers faster internet speeds to all the customers in our network.

4. Determine What Speed You Want

The frequency of your internet browsing plays a crucial role in determining the amount of data you require.

Based on your browsing activities, lighter packages like 5Mbps and 7Mbps would suffice if you primarily use the internet for emails, WhatsApp messages, and other light browsing activities. However, if you engage in heavy internet usage such gaming, streaming videos, and music, stronger packages from 20Mbps to 30Mbps would be more suitable for you.

Therefore, choose an internet package based on the number of devices you intend to connect to the internet and your activities.

  • 5Mbps and 7Mbps: These speeds are perfect for light browsing and listening to music. Tonycomm Group Ltd (TCOM) offers these home fiber plans at Ksh. 1,500 and Ksh. 2,000 for 15Mbps and 7Mbps respectively.
  • 10Mbps, 15Mbps, 20Mbps, and 30 Mbps: These speeds are perfect for streaming movies on Netflix and YouTube. We offer 10Mbps, 15Mbps, 20Mbps, and 30 Mbps internet packages at Ksh 2,400, Ksh 3,000, Ksh 3,499, and Kshs 4,499 respectively.

If you are planning to bring internet to your offices, choose business fiber for seamless connection and user experience. The business fiber packages rates are 5Mbps for Ksh 1,800, 7Mbps for Ksh 2,400, 10Mpbs for Ksh 2,700, 15Mbps for Ksh 3,300, 20Mbps for Ksh 3,899, and 30Mbps for Ksh 4,799.

5. Consider Your Future Needs

It’s ideal to anticipate changes in your internet usage over time and plan accordingly. To ensure nothing catches you off guard, consider buying an internet package that can accommodate additional devices and potential increase in data usage in the future.

With a little foresight and planning, you can stay ahead and enjoy seamless internet connectivity without any interruptions.

8. Think about Data Allowance

As a heavy internet user, it’s crucial to know that some internet plans come with bandwidth or data cap. Data capping means some internet service providers control the amount of data you consume each month.

However, confident that you can avoid overage charges by signing up for an internet plan that doesn’t limit the amount of data you use. At Tonycomm Group LTD, we offer packages with unlimited internet access at a good price, which allows you to enjoy heavy browsing without worrying about data caps.

Why You Should Choose TCOM Internet Service Provider

Tonycomm Group LTD is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a reliable internet service provider near you, and for good reasons.

First, you’re eligible for a one-month free internet access no matter what package you select if you’re new TCOM customer. You only pay for installation and then test out our service to see if we meet your needs.

Second, our company has special deals and subscription plans for all our existing customers. For example, our paying customers:

  • Get flexible payment plans on their monthly subscription in that we offer up to 72 hours grace period before disconnecting the service.
  • Enjoy high-speed internet access on Saturdays and Sundays. You might notice your bandwidth on some weekends is more than what you pay for.

Our customer service team will notify you via email or text when such offers are available along with instructions on how to take advantage of them.

With Tonycomm Group LTD, you get fast, reliable, and affordable internet all day every day. Our customer support team is also available 24/7 to assist answer any internet-related questions.

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