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Types of Internet Connection: Cable, Fiber, Wireless

different internet connection types

The internet has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It has revolutionized the way we conduct our personal and professional activities. Now more than ever before, we can stream videos and music, send emails, make video calls, work remotely, and do so much more online.

But have you ever wondered how we connect to the internet? Well, there are three types of internet connections available, cables, fiber, and wireless. Understanding these connections will allow you to select the right internet package for you needs, whether you are at home or work.

Cable Internet Connection

Cable internet connection utilizes an existing infrastructure of cable television. It uses coaxial cables for data signal transmission between the user and the internet service provider’s network. The cost of cable internet connections is typically affordable, but the price may vary depending on the user’s location, the internet service provider, and the subscription tier selected.

Cable internet connection stands out for its high-speed data transfer capabilities, making it ideal for downloading big data from the internet. With download speeds ranging from 25Mbps to 1Gbps or more, depending on one’s subscription plan, cable internet connection is suitable for users in urban and suburban areas.

Unfortunately, users in rural or remote areas may not have access to this type of internet connection, as the cable infrastructure does not extend to such areas in most cases. In cases where multiple users connect to a single internet cable line in a neighborhood, network congestion may occur, resulting in slower internet speeds.

Although service interruptions may occur due to cable damage, maintenance work, or inclement weather conditions, cable internet connection is generally reliable.

Fiber Internet Connection

Fiber is a more advanced type of internet connection that uses fiber optic cables to transfer data at incredibly high speeds. Fiber internet connection is perfect for those who frequently download data online, stream movies and music, and play video games without lags, as its download speeds can go up to 1Gbps per second.

At Tonycomm Group Ltd (TCOM), we offer fiber internet of speeds of up to 30Mbps for home and business use for Ksh. 4,499 and Ksh. 4,799 respectively.

Our fiber internet service is reliable because of its plastic fibers on glass cables, which are resistant to harsh weather conditions and electromagnetic signals. We boasts of low ping or latency, which makes our service ideal for you if you use real-time applications such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP), video calls, and online video gaming.

Furthermore, if you frequently upload and download content online, you will notice that our uploading speed is equal to the download speed, which means that the fiber internet connection offers symmetrical speeds. This makes it perfect for applications such as VoIP, online gaming, and conference calling where high upload and download speeds are essential.

It is also worth noting that our fiber internet connection is scalable, making it a perfect future-proof investment for homes and businesses. Therefore, upgrading to a higher package does not necessarily require you to replace the entire infrastructure.

Unfortunately, our fiber internet connection is still limited in some areas, particularly rural or remote areas. At this time, Tonycomm Group LTD serves clients in Maili Sita, Heshima, Kiti, Bismark, Whitehouse, Mawanga, Tumsifu, Kiratina, Kiamunyeki, Lanet, Makao, and Umoja I to III.

Wireless Internet Connection

Wireless internet connection, commonly known as Wi-Fi, encompasses both wireless local area networks (WLANs) and cellular internet connections.

This type of internet connection is highly popular due to its flexibility, as you don’t have to plug into physical cables to access the internet. As long as you’re within the coverage area, you can connect your device to the internet through a wireless connection.

Tonycomm Group LTD uses Wi-Fi routers to create a local area network (LAN) where devices can connect wirelessly and surf the web or perform any online activities. However, internet speeds offered by this connection vary depending on environmental factors such as interference, obstruction, and distance.

While wireless internet connection offers reliable connection and download speeds, the number of devices connected simultaneously, poor signal strengths, and the technology employed, specifically Wi-Fi standards such 802.11ac 5G can impact on the connection.

When it comes to security, wireless internet connection is safe. You can use a password to secure your network, thus discouraging unauthorized access and preventing data breaches. Our Wi-Fi networks use encryption protocols such as WPA2 and WPA3 to provide tight security.

What Type of Internet Connection is Best for Businesses?

Fiber is undoubtedly the best for business.

With fast internet speeds that outpace other types of connections and the ability to support high-bandwidth activities such as VoIP and video conferencing, fiber is the perfect choice to consider if your business depends on a strong internet connection.

While fiber’s premium performance comes with a premium price tag, we guarantee that you’ll get the best value for your money.

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